Debbie Darland
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Our males and females that we have chosen for
breeding are picked for their health,
personalities and

These traits are passed from parent
to puppy.

My puppies are all non-shedding,
hypo-allergenic dogs that will
be around 4 to 15 pounds depending
on which breed cross it is.

Yorkipoos 8-10 pounds
Schnoodles 10-15 pounds
Our Yorkipoo's love people
and are tons of fun to be
around. Yorkipoo are a delight
for his family and will always
be willing to preform tricks.
Our Yorkipoo's are perfect for homes
and apartments and are easy to travel
with due to their being small.
They are ideal companions for allergy
suffers. The Yorkipoo has low-dander
and low-shedding coat. They also make
great therapy dogs.
Our Darlin' Schnoodle's are
very loyal family pets.
Affection and intelligence are
second nature to them. Schnoodles
are personality plus. They are great
with children and are also great companions
for other pets. Schnoodles make wonderful
watchdogs but are non-aggressive. They make
great companion dogs and excel in
obedience and agility. This dog is very
affectionate and will not be happy
as an outside dog. Schnoodles also
have very little dander and do not
shed for this reason they
are great for someone who have
allergies to dogs.

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